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Jade Jewellery

Jade Jewellery

Jade Jewellery is traditionally Oriental and is said to have strong healing properties.  These lovely jade necklaces and bracelets include many different Chinese styles incuding Chinese lucky coins, Kwan Yin pendants, jade Laughing Buddha pendants as well as jade Laughing Buddha bracelet charms. 

Jade is a heart chakra stone and is often used for its healing properties as it is a balancing stone which brings to its wearer luck, good health and love.  The pendant is the goddess Kwan Yin who is known as the goddess of mercy and compassion -"she who hears the cries of the people".  It is believed that Kwan Yin responds to the heartfelt needs and anguish of the people of earth regardless of background or belief.   Furthermore,being one of the "mother" goddesses, she is especially connected to those in need of any kind of help and she is a great protector and benefactor of the weak, the ill and especially the children. Many erect alters to Kwan Yin, the "bestower of children" -- the one who hears the prayers of anyone wanting to conceive a child,  to increase their fertility.

The Laughing Buddha is also known as the Happy Buddha and is believed to reflect abundance, good fortune and good luck.  It is also known to be lucky for its owners to rub the Buddha's belly a few times a day to attract happiness and good luck.

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