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Craftholic - Unique Soft Toys

Craftholic - Unique Soft Toys

CRAFT was first launched in fall 2008 when what was meant to be a print design for a blanket gave life to the series of adorable and popular creatures Rab, Sloth, Korat and Loris! After a very influential model in Japan bought and blogged about a CRAFTAHOLIC character, the CRAFT flagship store was sold out of these home furnishing cuddlies in just two days!

Craftholic is a series of huggable and stylish plush cushions designed by the Tokyo based, Japanese designer, Ikuko Yamamoto. These super soft printed cushions are bright and cheery - perfect for your home as they look just as awesome strewn across the sofa as they feel snuggled between the arms!

Craftholic toys feature 4 key lovable characters that you will soon adore: Korat Cat, Loris Monkey, Rab Bunny and Sloth Bear. Bringing a smile and a hug to our everyday life, all of the hug cushions have been especially designed with a unique touch of cuteness and kwaii.
Not only do CRAFT’s irresistibly simple and relaxing designs suit the lifestyle of people from all walks of life, we guarantee you won’t be able to resist swooning over the kawaii-ness of them all!

Every one of our hug cushions are made of comforting plush and super soft material that is hypoallergenic and washable. Just for an ease of mind, all cushions are tested to CE standards 1&2 so they are the ultimate hug friend for all ages.
With a reputation for flying off the shelves into new homes, get your favourite character in plushie form, key ring or as luxurious slippers now while stock lasts!

Find your perfect comfort cushion by checking out our ranges on the site.  With a reputation for flying off the shelves into new homes, get yours now while stock lasts!

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