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Yellow Jade Chinese Coin Necklace

Yellow Jade Chinese Coin Necklace
Yellow Jade Chinese Coin Necklace Yellow Jade Chinese Coin Necklace
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Yellow Jade Chinese Coin Necklace

This gorgeous Yellow Jade Chinese Coin necklace is uniquely different as it combines the healing properties of the gemstone crystal and utilises the art of Feng Shui wtih the use of the Chinese coin.  The gemstone hangs from an adjustable brown cord finished off with a wooden bead.

Yellow jade is often used to open the solar plexus chakra, helping promote self-esteem and confidence. Yellow Jade is an energetic and stimulating crystal stone which helps bring luck, wisdom, joy and happiness to the wearer, as well as aiding the digestive systems of the body.

In general Jade is considered to be good for emotional stability and balance and can be beneficial to loving relationships. It is also believed that Jade can help control the content and focus of our dream as well as being a very protective stone, particularly good for protecting children against illness or for protection on long journeys. Physically it is believed that jade can help a range of ailments including problems with the kidney, heart, larynx, liver, parathyroid, spleen, thymus, thyroid, bladder, and even eyes.

Chinese Coins

Chinese coins are essential ingredients in the practice of Feng Shui.The coins are rounded shape with a square hole in the center and in Feng Shui, are the most potent symbol of wealth. The coin circle represents heaven while the square represents earth and the two sides of the coin represents Yin and Yang. The Yang side should always be used facing up as Feng Shui masters believe these Chinese coins are powerful emblems of wealth, endless fortune and prosperity.

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